Saddle Fit Testing

IMG_2897Saddle Fitting is Also an Important Consideration for the Health of Your Horse.

I now offer to test how your saddle fits, with the use of an impression pad. This pad shows you exactly how your saddle fits your horse. There is no pressure to buy a saddle as I do not represent any saddle makers. There are saddle pads available that are adjustable, if your saddle doesn’t fit your horse – a much cheaper option to buying a new saddle. Total Saddle Fit and Port Lewis are two such options.

I can combine a saddle fitting with the massage therapy/reiki/craniosacral therapy session.

Health Benefits of a Properly Fitting Saddle:

Checking to see if your saddle fits properly is a preventative measure that will help avert saddle-related muscle soreness and inflammation. Having a saddle that fits properly, helps to prevent injuries that can lead to costly medical treatment and contributes to your horse’s overall well-being,performance and happiness.


Performance Benefits of a Properly Fitting Saddle:

To perform your best, it is crucial to have a properly fitted saddle. It improves your horse’s range of motion and you have their full attention as there is no soreness from pressure points to distract them. A saddle that doesn’t fit the horse properly can also affect the rider’s centre of gravity – causing them to shift and be unbalanced. If the rider is unbalanced, both horse and rider’s performance is diminished.

A Properly Fitted Saddle will Save You Money:

Not all saddles fit all horses. There are cost-saving options that I can help you with. Widening or narrowing the saddle’s tree, reflocking panels or using a corrective saddle pad are all possible alternatives. By using the pressure pad, I can help you ensure that whatever method you choose, you will know for sure that the saddle fits your horse properly.